Kiss Your Shovel Goodbye!

Say goodbye to shoveling your driveway and walkways with an
electric snow melting system installed by Bradford Tree and Lawn Care.

Then, when the snow starts falling, head outdoors to play – not shovel – or stay indoors by the fire. Just push a button and watch the snow and ice melt away!

No more snow build-up and ice formations. No more slipping and sliding or being late for work because you had to clear your driveway. And gone is the need for costly snow melting chemicals and driveway repairs, because cracks caused by ice build-up are virtually eliminated!

Our snow melting systems are embedded directly into concrete, asphalt, or in mortar under-pavers. There are a variety of options ranging from complete driveway and walkway installation to just the tire track areas of your driveway. We will work with you to ensure a solution that fits both your needs and your budget. Our snow melting systems are engineered and designed for high quality, longevity, and reliability.

Contact us today for your free estimate and get ready to start smiling when the snow starts falling!